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I have been an avid consumer of all things Sci Fi since I was a girl!  One of my first significant memories is the moon landing and that of course put me outside the world as I knew it, amazing!  This then set me on a path of looking outwards and all things spacey!

Of course, being from the Northern Hemisphere I started my Sci Fi TV watching with Dr Who, William Hartnell in his frock coat and his police box.  Did I ever just want to go with him, of course I did? Then along comes Star Trek, more amazing TV, coming from Belfast, Northern Ireland, it was a joy to the young girl in me to see many people from all over the world get along and there was also an alien! What journeys I wanted to take in any spaceship! 

Then I snuck into my brother’s room one day and found a copy of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Flight and that put me out on a search for Sci Fi books, so Blish, Asimov, Heinlein and of course McCaffery and more came into my life as well! 

My father (lucky me) was the manager of a couple of stores (they sold toys, every kid’s dream) in Belfast and of course because of this all sales reps would give samples to him so roll in the comic annuals and so super heroes also came into my life. 

There was also another man Gerry Anderson, whose wonderful shows I would watch after school, Joe 90, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Stingray.  As I grew up anything that had a space ship, alien or some weird science in it had me enthralled. 

Now, I am enjoying the fruits of all that has gone before, enjoying my Sci Fi from the front seat!  I have met many wonderful actors, whilst helping to run conventions, interviewing actors and writers, writing an e-zine and contributing to another and now a podcast. 

Isn’t Sci Fi amazing, it not only gets the imagination going but also motivates one to “go beyond where one has never gone before” LOL!

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